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Surf Night

June 29, 2009

Had a great turn out for Surf Night at Ballyhoos on Saturday night.  Here is the slide show that was put together for the occassion.

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  1. Graham, great shots on your website. Really enjoyed the recent watershots… JJ

  2. gsh5400 permalink

    Thanks John I really like those shots too……..kinda trippy

  3. Barry Mills permalink

    Graham, I gave Joey Pontiff $25 and he is going to throw in $25 and send you $50 for the photos you took 7/24 Lookout. It was great meeting you and hope to see you again for next good day of surf. I’m the bald guy with the broke nose Rusty. Did any of the photos turn out decent?

    • gsh5400 permalink

      Yea Barry I got some good shots of yall two..I sent Joe an email with a few samples he is going to get me his address & I’ll get the pics over on a disc. I have about 30 shots between the two of yall…..Nice meeting you too hope all is well.


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